You Get What You Give - Deluxe Edition CD

The latest Zac Brown Band release featuring 14 new tracks, including duets with Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson. You Get What You Givefeatures a genre-defying collection of songs that the band has been testing on the road over the past year.

Deluxe edition contains 2 bonus tracks, limited edition packaging and an insert with a recipe from the Southern Ground Cookbook.

1. Let It Go
2. Knee Deep
3. No Hurry
4. I Play the Road
5. Cold Hearted
6. Whiskey's Gone
7. Quiet Your Mind
8. Colder Weather
9. Settle Me Down
10. As She's Walking Away
11. Keep Me in Mind
12. Who Knows
13. Martin
14. Make This Day
15. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live)(BONUS TRACK)
16. Nothing (BONUS TRACK)

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